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Compassionate Wound Care®


Histologics, LLC is proud to introduce our new multi-patented brush biopsy devices which provide a compassionate yet effective alternative to wound sampling for histology, culture or molecular testing. Unlike the Soft K-Cot®, a dual-purpose curettage and biopsy device, SoftBiopsy® is not conditioned for wound debridement procedures. SoftBiopsy® has a Kylon® medical fabric tip that is designed for compassionate friction-based curettage tangential wound biopsy. This would be optimally used following debridement at the wound base to analyze the presence of organisms in biofilm or planktonic infection, as well as antibiotic sensitivity via conventional or molecular analysis. The dually FDA registered single use, disposable SoftBiopsy® is ideal for wound biopsy where the hook bristles first remove, then store and aid in transport (along with the vial) tissue samples to a laboratory for a variety of important analyses.

We are proud to have entered the wound care market with our innovative Kylon® based devices, SoftBiopsy® for lab test wound base biopsy, SoftBiopsy®+D for added ability to debride wounds, and Soft K-Rette® for crevice debridement and sampling. We look forward to further advancing wound care quality and patient experience. Soft K-Cot® is a specially conditioned Kylon® coated finger-cot for wound debridement and biopsy procedures and was made available in the Summer of 2022. All the Kylon® wound devices are currently available for purchase. Please contact us for pricing and samples.

Soft K-Bride®, a versatile debridement-conditioned multi-purpose applicator will be released in early 2023.

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