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Compassionate Wound Care®


"I have had the opportunity to use Soft K-Cot® and Soft K-Rette® in my practice for debridements. I don't see another product that really effectively removes the biofilm and allows that nice bleeding granular base than using these products. It is painless for the patient and easy to use. The patient actually "likes" to see it as opposed to a blade. When I use a blade they are apprehensive. When I use the Kylon® fabric device that resembles Velcro® it is much more approachable for the patients.

It has been a game changer. I have seen wounds improve because I think I am getting a better debridement from it. I am getting a nice, granular bleeding base and I see then, a few weeks later, low and behold, the wound is smaller. I am a proud and happy user."

--Andrew Schneider, DPM

“I have had the opportunity to try it before and some of the patients say they like it better, some of the others didn’t notice any difference…still painful but definitely creates a better impression for the debridement because they don’t see a knife. That’s why they say “oh, you’re not going to cut me today”. The scalpel has the shape of a knife. Many of my patients did like it; some of them still found it a little bit better, less pain. Still in pain but less than a debridement with a curette or with a scalpel”. Everybody’s pain level is different. It is another tool in our box for debridement.”

--Diana Machuca AG-APRN-BC, MHA, VWCCN , Florida

“I have used the Soft K-Cot® and Soft K-Rette® products for the purpose of mechanical debridement a thick yellow adherent slough and they were very effective ad fully endorses these products and asks if they’ll be added to our formulary. It was almost like brushing teeth which were full of plaque. I was so surprised as to how much adherent slough came off a simple tool. It was so easy to use and the patient had been used to Debrisoft® Lolly” and she actually said it was less painful than the Debrisoft®Lolly.

“I found it more effective than the Debrisoft® because I saw instant gratification! I call the Debrisoft® Lolly a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing. It can be very painful and the Soft K-Cot®, while it looks like it would cause more discomfort, was very easy and very tolerable. The other thing is with the Debrisoft® Lolly you have to use it for at least 3 minutes for it to be more effective whereas the Soft K-Cot took less than a minute for that wound debridement”.

-- Natalie Kahle MSN, FNP-C, DAPWc, Phoenix, AZ

 "“The gentle Kylon® debridement tools helped me clear chronic wounds that otherwise would need OR and anesthesia"
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  -- Ebonie Vincent DPM, Orange CA
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